Overall cool ass dude Todd Gloria announces run for San Diego mayor

Overall cool ass dude Todd Gloria announces run for San Diego mayor

In news that isn't entirely shocking at all, Assemblymember and previously incumbent mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria, has announced that he will be running for the city mayorship in 2020.

Gloria made the announcement via a Facebook video and Instagram post Wednesday noon. Gloria, along with Councilmembers Barbara Bry, Chris Cate, and Congressman Scott Peters have all been rumored as running candidates for the position, with many filing their candidacy papers as early as September of 2018. Until now, only Councilwoman Barbara Bry had announced her mayoral candidacy.

“It’s clear that San Diego needs strong, experienced and progressive leadership in the Mayor’s Office – leadership that has the courage to take our city beyond business as usual and solve the long-standing problems that have faced our city. That’s why I’m running for Mayor,” Gloria said in a release. “San Diego may be America’s Finest City, but we should strive to be more than just fine. We should dare to be great.” 

If elected, Gloria would be the first person of color to serve as San Diego mayor and the city’s first openly gay mayor, and for a city that has been run by white straight men for who knows how long, it's about time we get some diversity in that role.

A registered Democrat, Gloria briefly served as interim mayor in 2013 after disgraced mayor Bob Filner was outed for not being able to keep his dick in his pants. Gloria currently serves as majority whip in the State Assembly.