Abandoned Vogue Theater in Old Chula Vista to be remodeled into major music venue

Vogue Theater

Anyone familiar with Chula Vista's Third Ave town center knows of the historic Vogue Theater—or at least what has become left of it. Closed over a decade and a half ago, the once-popular attraction sits now as a boarded-up relic fossilized in the heart of a neighborhood undergoing a major cultural shift. A local investment group, however, is looking to bring life back into the building to reflect the community's renaissance.

According to the San Diego Tribune, the architects behind George's at the Cove and Little Italy's Kettner Exchange are looking to turn the two-story building into a music venue and outdoor event space that will rival central San Diego venues like House of Blues and North Park Observatory.

Along with major concerts, the firm also plans to incorporate an adjacent parking lot to make room for an outdoor eating and drinking area that includes rotating food trucks and a beer garden. To honor the legacy of the Vogue theater, the firm also plans to maintain the outside facade and run occasional outdoor movie screenings.

Slade Fischer, a representative of the investment group, said to the Union Tribune: [the project's] opportunity to not only capture Chula Vista, but the greater South Bay area, is enormous by creating a destination where people can come down and invest their dollars on Third Avenue.”

This latest development, of course, comes following a recent city-wide push to increase tourism and create cultural destinations within West Chula Vista, particularly the Third Ave strip. Rivaling the suburban sprawl that took the eastern half of the city by storm in the last decade, Old Chula Vista's latest urban projects include the opening of youth-oriented breweries, critically-acclaimed restaurants, and ambitious plans for various higher education institutions.

With the City of Chula Vista backing the music venue plans, it looks like the Vogue project may be open as soon as Summer 2020.